Fleas and Ticks Tolleson, AZ 85037

Fleas and Ticks are the Bed Bugs of your pets in Tolleson, AZ

Flea and Tick treatments differ and stores do sell over the counter medications for these bugs with active ingredients that kill eggs and adults on your pet. Ticks must be removed from your cat or dog in your Tolleson, AZ home. Certain products will essentially make them fall off and with humans a Tick can be removed with nail polish or Vaseline that make it unable to breathe and die off.

Flea larvae don't require blood to feed but rather on feces and other matter left behind by adult fleas in the carpet, your curtains, or your dog or cats favorite spot to lay down. Ticks like to climb to get a blood meal and fleas will jump. Once ticks hatch from the egg (Or Seed Tick), it must have a blood meal to molt every single time until it is an adult! 

Ticks are part of the Arachnid family like spiders but in a different order with Mites. Fleas are insects associated with Siphonaptera which means a siphon without wings. Fleas are related to flies and both are about 150 million years old and Tick fossils date back 100 million years, with increased evolution around 70 million years ago. Fleas go through a life cycle of egg, larvae, pupa, and adult. They like to live inside homes, emerging from their pupal cases as adults once they detect carbon dioxide from a possible food source which could be you or your pet. Ticks will climb onto their hosts, sometimes waiting in tall grass or bushes for food. Fleas will jump on and off their host, laying eggs that won't stick with the host but instead can be scratched off or sitting in your carpet. Ticks will stay stuck to their host and will feed constantly until it reaches adulthood, feed some more, and then die.

Treatment for Fleas and Ticks

Call Bug Guardian Pest Prevention to help determine the level of infestation so we are able to remove any signs of ticks or fleas around your home or business in Tolleson, AZ. Treating the outside of your home will help prevent future occurrences. Let Bug Guardian Pest Prevention evict those fleas and ticks out of your property.

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For all your Flea and Tick treatment needs in Tolleson, AZ 85037 please contact Bug Guardian Pest Prevention at (480) 345-2847

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Fleas and Ticks Tolleson, AZ 85037