Home sealing scorpions Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

What does a scorpion seal entail when you seal a house in Litchfield Park, AZ? 

A Bug Guardian Pest Prevention technician will go around and try to find every gap and crack, along the J-trim, (which is the bottom of the house that breathes), to try to find all the areas that scorpions can get into. If you are looking at your door from the inside and you see daylight coming thru, you need to look at weather stripping and threshold adjustments to seal it up. If you see light under the threshold, this is a great area to use caulking to seal it up. We screen off all the roof vents, on top of the roof, and on the inside in such rooms as laundry vents and bathroom vents.

If you have little cracks and gaps in the house, do you actually seal it off or just treat it with an insecticide?

No, we seal it off. The technician will go thru the entire home and seal all the electrical outlets throughout the entire home. The outlets are the main areas that they follow along because the wires go throughout the entire home. Scorpions will follow those wires and travel along, and that’s where they can encounter other bugs that are already in the walls of the home.

Can a home seal be thought of as preventative maintenance? 

Yes, as the home seal will not cure your problem 100%, it's an additional barrier that blocks off scorpions from coming into your home. The monthly pest control maintenance is actually the most important part of scorpion control in Litchfield Park, AZ. Having the monthly service in combination of having your home sealed is the best way to prevent having scorpions inside. Sealing out scorpions is the best way to protect your family and pets so they do not get stung by scorpions and possibly have an allergic reaction. We use the best products and treatment methods that are kid and pet friendly on the market today. 

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Home sealing scorpions Litchfield Park, AZ 85340