Pest Control Chandler AZ

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Bug Guardian Pest Prevention will rid your home and yard of pests and keep them away. Our pest control service starts with a thorough inspection of your property to find every potential hiding and breeding ground for pests. Then, our highly-trained, licensed service technician will prescribe a customized treatment program designed to create a pest free sanctuary in your home and yard all year long.

Naturally, we treat for pests, but our goal is to locate and eliminate entry points and nesting sites to keep new pests from entering. By preventing pests from entering your home, you will be protected from the irreversible damage that they can cause. Remember that we want you to be 100% satisfied. If any pests reappear between service visits, we will send a technician out to take care of the problem at no charge.



Bug Guardian Pest Prevention's licensed and experienced technicians will make a thorough survey your business to locate any trouble spots, determine if you have the need for trapping and monitoring devices, and identify what types of control are necessary and most cost effective for you. We will provide a comprehensive report listing all problems and our recommendations.

The first action the technicians will take is to immediately rid your business of pests. They will work with your maintenance staff to implement a mechanical exclusion plan such as sealing cracks and crevices, caulking around pipes and fixtures, and closing openings in wall voids. In addition to baiting and trapping, we'll treat only where you need it. We will continue to reinforce your pest barrier. We will then work on a preventive plan that will make sure that they pests never come back. Again, this will be a detailed and professional plan that will protect your business from future infestations. As a business owner, you have more important tasks to focus on, let us take care of your pest management needs.

Bug Guardian Pest Prevention company of Chandler, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Goodyear, Avondale, Cave Creek, Buckeye, offers pet & kid friendly, safe, non toxic, organic, natural pest control. Professional, licensed extermination, removal, control, management service for pests. Get rid of scorpions, ants, bedbugs, black widow spiders, crickets etc.